Chip discharge system

Chip discharge


High Speed chippers do not need any discharge conveyor, because chipper has enough power to blow chips out. Chippers have an output pipe which can be extended with additional extension pipes. The blow can reach up to 5-6 m without problem. A hydraulic kit for controlling the chip’s output for mobile chippers is also available. The hydraulic kit consists of pipe rotating, chips flap positioning and pipe bending for moving chipper on roads. This can be done manually with the smaller chippers.


Low Speed chippers always need a belt conveyor for removing chips. Chips conveyors are sold as options. There are available conveyors with different belt widths and elevation angles. Width of the belt depends on the productivity of the chipper. The discharge conveyors are possible to install so that it carries chips to either side or to the back of the chipper.

There are three different types of the tape conveyors: NormalGum Belt Conveyor (NGBC), ChevronGum Belt Conveyor (CGBC) and GummiBord Belt Conveyor (GBBC). The conveyors differ in belt pattern. Different patterns have different carrying capacity and that’s why the conveyors have different climbing angles.

All conveyors have speed adjustment controlled by frequency modulator. The used material in all belts is resin resistant industrial rubber and they are very long-lasted in use.

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