LAIMET- the first completely movable circular saw mill

The saw is easily and effortlessly assembled and disassembled. The frame end is lifted hydraulically to transport position and lowered to sawing position.

Large wheels and high clearance, up to 80cm, ensure safe and easy movement in even challenging terrain. Clearance can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor cabin directly during transport.

Two pairs of hydraulic supporting beams are indispensable when setting up the saw. The correct position is checked with water scales on the body of the saw.

Sawn surface can be left to await further sawing on the beams of the log lifter. The other surface can be placed on the surface scaffold behind the sawing table to await edging. After the beam has been sawn into complete sawing product, the surfaces are moved to the sawing table for further sawing with the log mover. Like so, the log lifter and log mover ease the processing of unfinished sawing product.

Logs can be directed extremely accurately with a hydraulic log rectifier and log rotator. The machine replaces a back sawer and eases processing large logs greatly.

The log rectifier is outstanding especially when logs are of different height, because it can be hydraulically moved lengthwise to the height of the log in process. It can also be equipped with a digital automatic beam rectifier.

The sawblade can be sharpened without removing the blade. The sharpening machine has fast and versatile controls, and it is sturdy for kovapalateräs. The sharpening machine is electric powered, either 400 V or battery voltage (12 V ).