Company profile

Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy

Laitilan Metalli Ky was founded in 1973, named after the founder, Jarmo Laine. Since 1985, the company has been operating as a joint-stock company under the name Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy (Ltd).

Company profile

The aim of Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy (Ltd) is to manufacture and market the technologically most advanced conical screw spiral chippers and circular sawmills in the world. The brand name LAIMET indicates know-how, expertise and top quality.

The range of Laimet’s production is Conical screw spiral chippers and chipping units:

  • Tractor driven models LAIMET HS 21 A, HS 25 A and HS 28 A
  • Diesel driven High Speed model LAIMET HS 21 ID CW M
  • Electric driven High Speed models for the sawmills LAIMET HS 21 IE, HS 25 IE and HS 28 IE
  • Electric driven Low Speed models for the sawmills LAIMET LS 21 IE, LS 25 IE
  • Electric driven heavy industrial models LAIMET LS 280 M IE LW S, LS 400 L IE LW S and LS 50 L IE LW S
  • The chipping units according to the needs of the customers, customized made diesel engine driven or electric motor driven chippers

Saw milling machines and accessories:

  • LAIMET 100, 120, 130 circular saw mills and accessories
  • Log conveyors, log feeding accessories, the conveyors for ready sawn timber, the belt conveyors for the sawn waste slabs, saw dust cyklones etc.
  • LAIMET 50 cross cut saw
  • Sharpening and saw doctoring tools and accessories
  • LAIMET 80-250X Chip & Cut (square chipping canter / resaw), log conveyors, log hoist, the conveyors for ready sawn material

The products of Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy are:

  • LAIMET- conical spiral screw chippers
  • LAIMET- circular sawmills

The production of LAIMET -conical spiral screw chippers started in 1996. The annual production capacity is about 200 units. Laimet has sold products throughout the world, 90-95% of the total output is exported.

The most important export areas are Russia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Baltic countries. Furthermore Laimet exports products to North, Central and South America, Central Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia.