Laimet 100


LAIMET 100 is an affordable basic saw without compromises in quality. LAIMET 100 is slightly lighter than our other models (LAIMET 120 and 130), but still as fast, accurate and flexible than our more robust saws. 
LAIMET 100 is built from the same components as the other LAIMET- saws, but is more basically equipped. 
As well as professional sawing, LAIMET 100 is suitable for farming use, part-time sawing or starting up sawing.   
The LAIMET 100 basic saw is manufactured as movable and non-movable versions. During transport the body’s two end pieces are lifted on top of the body, where they are attached with the saw’s outriggers. 
The LAIMET 100 basic saw is now almost as perfectly equipped than our bigger models. 
The saw pictured is equipped with a protective shelter and a hydraulically liftable vastaanottopääty.

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