Laimet 130


The LAIMET 130 is our premium model, the most robust circular saw mill on the market. 
The robust double body the size of the central part of the whole saw of LAIMET 120 and 130 ensures the straightness of the body in hard sawing and transport conditions. Even very large logs can be handled without fear of breaking with the LAIMET 130. LAIMET 130 has the most robust, extra thick saw table structure on the market. 
LAIMET 130 is suitable for saw works as a movable version and as a non-movable facility saw. Our extensive range of accessories enables to equip the saw to a one-man saw, minimising the need for manpower.  
To saw very large logs safely and efficiently, our upper blade TOPSAW is available for LAIMET 120 and 130. 
LAIMET 120 and 130 are also available as reversible RH-versions for specialty wood. In this version the places of the log feeder and measuring device are switched. The placement of the devices gives the operator the possibility to see the sawing marks on the beam without having to reach far. This allows the operator to choose whether to continue sawing or move the beam.   

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