The sawline developed by Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy forms an efficient and high quality sawing facility. All the machinery of the sawline are well known, sturdy and high quality LAIMET-products.

The LAIMET sawline forms a complete sawing facility. It also fits as a part of a larger sawing facility, where the circular saw mill can be used, for example, as just a saw. 




LAIMET circular saw lines include e.g. the following equipment:
1. Log table or conveyor2. Log feed unit
3. Hydraulic log director/rotator; this unit is also available as a model that can be moved lengthwise4. Ready sawn goods drop unit
5. Ready sawn goods conveyor6. LAIMET screw chipper
7. LAIMET 50 cross-cut saw8. Sawdust cyclone

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