Technical data

Technical data, Circular Saw Mills

Laimet 100Laimet 120Laimet 130
Standard length of table8 m tai 9 m8 m tai 9 m9 m
Width of table700 mm700 mm700 mm
Feed speed of table0-100 m/min0-100 m/min0-100 m/min
Range of fence measurements:
Mechanical setting16-300 mm16-300 mm16-300 mm
Electro-hydraulic setting10-325 mm10-325 mm10-325 mm
Max. blade diameter1100 mm1200 mm1300 mm
Depth of cut950 / 370 mm 950 / 370 mm 950 / 350 mm
1100 / 445 mm1200 / 495 mm1300 / 520 mm
Blade shaft diameter55 mm55 mm65 mm
Power required
(depending on wood type and diameter)
Tractor drive80-100 hp80-120 hp80-140 hp
Electric drive37-45 kW45-55 kW55-75 kW
Dimensions of mobile saw in transport
Weight (depending on equipment)2000-3000 kg2200-3500 kg2500-3800 kg
Lenght9,5 m10,0 m11,0 m
Width1,8 m2,2 m2,3 m
Height1,8 m3,2 m3,2 m

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