Laimet high quality chippers for professional chipping

Laimet high quality chippers for professional chipping

We at Laimet produce and market the highest quality and the most technologically advanced conical spiral screw chippers and circular sawmills in the world for good value.

Our product range includes chippers, chipping units and their accessories:

  • Tractor driven chippers for agricultural use
  • Electric driven chippers for sawmills
  • Electric driven heavy industry chippers
  • Electric and diesel driven chipping units built on request for domestic or construction

We also produce saw milling machines and equipment with decades of experience:

  • LAIMET 100, 120 and 130 spiral screw chippers with accessories
  • Log conveyors and log feeding equipment, belt conveyors for sawn waste slabs and sawdust cyclones
  • Sharpening and saw doctoring tools and accessories

LAIMET is the number one circular saw for the professional, a pioneer with new technological advances.
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