PS 10

PS 10

Tractor/PTO powered

Max. wood diam.100 mm
Feeding throat120 x 120 mm
Power source25 kW tractor (min.)
Quantity of chips up to6 m³ / hour with speed of rotation 540 rpm
Weight of the machine140 kg
PTO Rotation speed540…1000 rpm
Includes as standard:One installed screw
In-feed chute (can be turned for transport position)
Chips discharge pipe (can be turned for transport position)
Sharpening machine (230 V 1300 W electric angle grinder) and the support bar for it included.
Screw choices:2/100  10…30 mm
  • The machine is equipped with a three-point connection
  • Only a one screw choice
  • Blows chips only beside of the chipper
  • Shipping size 0,92 x 1,30 x 1,10 m (h), weight 145 kg
Tractor driven, small-size, high Speed chipper, max. log diameter up to 100 mm, meant for home and garden, landscaping, etc.

Efficient and simple small chipper for farm and forest work as well as home and garden

Chipper principle

LAIMET PS-10 chipper operation is based on a cylindrical screw blade, which works efficiently to produce splinter free even quality chips. The rotating screw blade also functions as a feed unit so that a separate feed is unnecessary.

LAIMET PS-10 is a tractor driven small chipper of remarkably simple construction. There are only a few parts to wear. That’s why it is reliable and needs a little maintenance.

One size chips with many different uses

LAIMET PS-10 produces one size chips, from 10 -15 mm. The rate of the production is from 2 to 6 m3/h depending on the blade used, wood to be used, the type and size of wood. The even quality chips of PS-10 are particularly suitable for use as compost chips, fuel chips, animal litter, and in mulching cultivated land.

Chips from all sorts of wood

The LAIMET PS-10 chipper can chip all sorts of clean wood: coniferous and deciduous, thinned out wood, tree tops, pruned and unpruned saplings, sawn surfaces and also frozen wood. The PS-10 can chip up to 100 mm size wood and branches. Operational noise is comparatively quiet, but it is a good idea to use ear protectors because of the motor noise.

Maintenance of the chipper

Sharpening of the screw blade may be done without removing the blade using a separate sharpener unit, which is standard equipment.

Protect nature

The LAIMET PS-10 is a sensible choice when otherwise worthless waste is to be utilized or if the chips are to decompose in the environment. The low service costs of the LAIMET PS-10 chipper give real savings.

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