Circular saw mills

Circular saw mills

The product development of LAIMET circular saw mills begins from experiences from professionals in the field. All technical solutions are tested all year round at the manufacturer’s own sawing facilities. That is why LAIMET is known and in high demand around the world.

All LAIMET saws are equipped with safety gear following CE-demands, as well as the newest European safety standards concerning circular saw mills (EN 1870-7). Easy set up for use and for transport are qualities that professionals value highly in our portable LAIMET saws.

To make sawing long or specialty wood easier, sawing tables are available up to 12 meters long.

LAIMET is suitable for producing various sawing product from thin boards to robust house- and cottage logs. Special size needs for sawing products can be taken into account on customer request. Each log can be sawn individually, which maximises the use of the raw material.

All LAIMET models have movable and non-movable versions. In portable versions the saw can be set up effortlessly without heavy set up stages.

LAIMET is the number one circular saw for the professional, a pioneer with new technological advances.