Laimet screw chippers – An unique finnish invention


The high efficiency LAIMET chippers are suitable for chipping all sorts of wood: sawn surfaces (slabs), tree tops, thinned out trees as well as logging waste. LAIMET chippers also chip frozen wood efficiently.

By changing the type of blade, chips of different sizes – ranging from 20-25 mm to 100-150 mm in length – may be produced. The chips produced are even and splinter-free, and are suitable for heating purposes, as pulp chips, as mulch in horticulture, as animal litter, in covering cultivated land and fields, in composts, when building up green areas, etc.

LAIMET chippers are number one in productivity, with efficiency remaining high even in demanding conditions. Operation is quiet, construction is simple, and there are few parts that wear out.

LAIMET offers chippers for all purposes: Whether you need the small tree chipper PS-10, or the awesome LS 50 L producing up to 200 cubic meters of chips per hour, we offer you the best quality.

All LAIMET chippers are electric or tractor engine powered. However, diesel powered versions of some of the models are also available.